Dean Reeves: The Fen Roundhead


Thank you for the kind donation of your time, all I can ask of a stranger.

I herein share my politics and opinion; some of my favourite words from others,

and my own humble art.


I am committed to a fair and equitable society, driven by the innovation and energy of individuals committed to co-operation, mutuality and the safeguarding our of planet for future generations.

I believe that the sum of a community is greater than the individuals within, that we achieve and succeed greatest when we are united.  The State should only serve to facilitate and serve, not hold resources and control for the few.  We must innovate and democratise our economy; co-operatives, employee shares, mutuals and social enterprise.

I am opposed to all tyranny; the whole world deserves a hand for freedom, and all people the right to live freely under their own flag.  I hate the haters, and oppose the fascists of the Left and Right.  All must speak freely and have the right to be heard, we should stand firm for liberty, tolerance and diversity of all people.  Always.

Poetry has saved my life, and it helps now to soothe my soul.  We need art in our lives, to celebrate and mark our experience and aspiration, our love and our loss.  All experience makes us who we are, all our dreams who we might become.  

Dean Reeves



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