Be a morning person

Do not be alarmed, whilst there might be a place for spiritual or other psychological investment, I’m asking you to simply think about a positive change in your life which is meaningful and will help you to achieve a number of activities and goals.  For my personal journey it was several months of extreme insomnia which provided the opportunity and suggestion of my big change – making good use of my mornings.
I’ve always been a “morning person” insofar as being able to jump out of bed early for work or walking the dog.  But, that is some way away from applying myself to do something more constructive and consistently.  The motivation will in time be partly propelled by personal achievements, but you must accept that in the early days of your plan only your commitment sustains you.
A theme I keep repeating in my blogs is the necessity for each to find their own way. Whilst my experiences helped to shape the choices which have worked for me, so you need to try a variety of exercises and approaches to draw the solutions which will give you success.  If a magic bullet existed we would know it – there’s no shortage of advice and products promising you the life you always wanted but it is 99% snake oil.
My commitment to getting up at 5am ensured that I had quiet time to reflect and plan my day.  It afforded me the private time to exercise which in early days meant I did not have to feel embarrassed by my fitness and aptitude.  I was also able to facilitate probably the single most important part of my new eating habits – eating breakfast.  During the early days of my new life I was not even asleep when my day began, often a dog walk would start at 3am but in the months which followed I am clear that the regime of continued increasing exercise and good breakfast helped to stabilise my sleep.
Like many of the changes I have made in my life I have viewed my “new” mornings not as a phase, or now even a means, but my way of living.  It is essential for me that I continually reinforce the approach that the changes I have made are not transient but part of who I am, certainly shape the person I want to be.  Getting up early every day may not be what you need but it has been my springboard, take the time to find yours.



Unless you live alone early morning may be the only part of the day when you are alone.  The benefits are that you have opportunity to do things without interuption or distraction.  You can exercise, stretch or maybe watch a yoga DVD and it would be something otherwise I can guarantee you would not otherwise do.


I can tell you that until a year ago I never ate breakfast except at the weekend.  My experience is that most of what I read about diet I have proven to be true.  A healthy breakfast starts my metabolism, it fuels me for exercise and helped provide me with energy.  Once you start a regime of regular exercise then breakfast will be wanted not forced but this is a habit you definitely need to get into.


This is not just about taking quiet time to properly prepare for your working day but ensuring you plan to take care of your needs too.  Think about lunch, and when you can commit later in the day to some exercise even if just walking the dog.  It is the petrol station meal deal or the endless coffees which can undo so much good work – but some planning can make things right.


I use an app to record my diet and exercise, and otherwise I do publicly record my achievements on social media.  It helps as a reminder to myself on what I have achieved either weight loss or an exercise achievement – and it is very rewarding when friends provide support and encouragement.


During my journey I have found it important to keep looking forward, thinking of new objectives.  But I do think about each day and week too – I reflect on my exercise achievements and weight loss – but it is for the cause of what happens next.  I also think it is important to consider how changes are affecting others around us too.  This can at times be a lonely journey and it is essential we do not cut our selves off – and maybe occasionally remind ourselves why we started in the first place.  The few blogs I have written on this subject have helped me too – and the positive feedback has provided real motivation to me, and helped me to question my intent as well as success.

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