I have not woken 

I have not woken.  But know how I battled, but my body would not rise.  So these are my final words my love.  Please take them to your breast, and then let me pass.

We have all time, so need for you to rush to me tonight.  For we will never truly part in mere death.  I have never strayed far from the beat of your heart.

This day you hold our children close, your duty now to guide and keep.  Shepherd them on the righteous path, their way bathed in love and light.

And you my love do not despair.  Don’t draw into dark retreat, nor be distracted by the bedevilled twins of resentment and regret.

I stand by this glorious gateway in brilliant white light, fuelled by our love.  Do not let this lantern diminish.  But reach out and bathe with me in solace, to comfort this evening.

In sanctuary I wait for you, my spirit drifts with moonbeams, under the charge of her owls.  You and I will walk this earth together again; for there are sunsets yet to see.

Until then I will be watching over all until our time returns.  In the years ahead look for the solitary magpie, mine will be his cocked eye.

Know that one day again I will hold you again.  We may meet as strangers but love will quicken once more in the lock of first soulful gaze.

As we always do.



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