Beauty of her nature 

Without sleep I wait patiently for clouds to drift, for my melancholy to rise. Blue moonlight draws slowly across the pale naked hillside.

The gentle curves draw me in, my eyes seek and follow the horizon.  The shadows intrigue, they tease and frustrate my midnight.

A warm fragrant breeze brushes my senses.  I take a deep draught of this evening.  It is sweetened antidote to my despair.

My desires long sown upon the familiar fields atop the rising body.  The earth falls with each lowly breath, I now feel the pull to slumber.

Beneath a forest of silken tangle, against the blue of night, a sparkle of emeralds steal my gaze.  In a blink the darkness returns.

I curse the moon and lean with striked match. In a moment the moon beams are swallowed in yellow candle light.

Before me my lover, nature has become her.  She weakly smiles and reaches for me.  I lie beside her, and willingly I am lost within her wilderness.


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