Stare of the Moon

For Grayson

The Goddess has cast her likeness upon your face.
You holding domain over the darkness,
Without fear or favour of man or beast.

Sentry between twilight and dawn, and twixt life and death.
No judgements passed but all souls you guide to their fate.

Your amber eyes hypnotise
As if we were but rabbits.
No counter to ancient faith but we
Bury logic under grief and prayer.

On flight within her beams
Cast as a pearly ghost.
Hanging on the lightest breeze
Magik keeps you still but high.

Take care of our loved ones,
See them swiftly to the other side.
Keep my son within her silver embrace,
I will listen for the comfort of your cry.

Dean Reeves

My Poetry

Ghost Tree

The First Fen Blow

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I have not woken 

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Beauty of her nature 

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You are….

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Stare of the Moon

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I am more than a tree

Wisbech Morning

The bleeding fields of Naseby

I did not cry

We are England

Curtain Call

Do not pity the English

Turning Left

Prosperity of Evil

Bang Up

“The Return of Black Shuck”

“I saw You” by Dean Reeves

“Bring the wind” by Dean Reeves

“I choose” by Dean Reeves

“Forgotten Dancer” by Dean Reeves

“Market Day” by Dean Reeves



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