Prosperity of Evil

Ever wondered at the prosperity of evil? 

Not the politics and intrigue,

but the surrender of the will of people.


So much reported fear and loathing.

No contagion can compare to a poor bloodied person,

With nothing to say but with desperation for company.


Endless “Likes” for messages of hate and anger,

Willing the hurt and even death of people never met.

So many willing to kill without trial or hearing.


If challenged people feign guilt or ignorance,

But in the company of wolves content to snarl.

Company of the mob dulls everyone’s reason.


2016 and people raise salutes for Adolf Hitler.

The ovens at Bergen-Belsen still warm to touch.

I do not question terror any more.


Dean Reeves


My Poetry

Ghost Tree

The First Fen Blow

You should look away

I have not woken 

Bottled Love

War end

A lover’s touch


Beauty of her nature 

Fierce Love

The Rat

My Moody Girl

We have met before…

You are….

Looking Up


Stare of the Moon

Holding the thread


Stone cold love

The imps are feasting

I am more than a tree

Wisbech Morning

The bleeding fields of Naseby

I did not cry

We are England

Curtain Call

Do not pity the English

Turning Left

Prosperity of Evil

Bang Up

“The Return of Black Shuck”

“I saw You” by Dean Reeves

“Bring the wind” by Dean Reeves

“I choose” by Dean Reeves

“Forgotten Dancer” by Dean Reeves

“Market Day” by Dean Reeves



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