Bang Up


Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,

Relentless, fruitless, desperate, protest or plea?

Wonder how many blows you have taken;

to craft that shellac suit around your spirit.

A secret life story even you will not now know;

People have seen you as the gangster not the beaten child.

Too many scars by your hands on bodies and souls;

The patience of saints all but exhausted.

Beating at the cell door and baiting of the staff;

This is sport, distraction from thoughts of any tomorrow.

This isn’t personal, well not normally, sorry Guv;

But you get to touch another, to feel, even if in pain.

At the darkest hour there might be a cut or perhaps a knot;

A rumble of boots, then lights, camera and action.

Strangers fighting for life, squelching in your blood;

When you wake it is not just another day, it is opportunity.

You can bang the door but the silence would be noticed more.


Dean Reeves


My Poetry

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The First Fen Blow

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You are….

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Turning Left

Prosperity of Evil

Bang Up

“The Return of Black Shuck”

“I saw You” by Dean Reeves

“Bring the wind” by Dean Reeves

“I choose” by Dean Reeves

“Forgotten Dancer” by Dean Reeves

“Market Day” by Dean Reeves




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