“I choose” by Dean Reeves


Many may fly your colours,

And rejoin your unknown song.

I do not blindly take to dance,

But listen to the motif of your intent.


Though values hardened within my marrow,

My mind is opened for challenge and persuasion.

My heart is willing for favour, 

And I challenge you to chase!


Know that others do not choose for me,

What they believe, or might perhaps.

My only certain choice is free,

For my self, and my philosophies.


I will not vote for you

Because I do not favour others.

Nor take counsel from people

Who I neither respect or trust.


Imagined beasts and unseen villains,

Provocation, and shadowed enterprises?

Leadership to inspire and lift,

Which leads and does not need me.


Not through design or fateful time,

Send a threat of restless days.

It is for you alone to lead as a King,

Or in failure bow forlorn.


I choose for me.



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