Always read the small print: Love thy neighbour


Immigrants, or the term I prefer “people”, broadly fall into two camps. Those that have fled their homeland through terror or need, and those who choose to move to make a better life. There are of course many shades of opportunity and want in between; most people are good – and a few do bad things and a fewer still are bad. Humanity is complex you see.

When people go to live in another country most will “look after themselves”; they get a job, they rent a house, and most will start to build lives for themselves. A few, usually those that arrived seeking sanctuary, may need a helping hand but most will eventually go on to lead non-eventful lives, as is the want of most .

Migrants largely rely on their own support networks to get a job, a roof and food until they can stand alone. It has always been difficult to get help from the state – complex processes which deter application can only imagine how language issues add further complexity – but for most migrants now many of the public social funds are simply not available (you can debate the rights and wrongs of this, I’m simply painting in the background here).  

For the record there has never been a moment when anyone was GIVEN a home, or has TAKEN a job (the most ridiculous thing I was ever told was that “the council is giving foreigners cars”.  I condemn the sale of council houses, the failure to replace the social housing stock, and the inception of the bedroom tax – all mechanisms to enrich the few at the expense of working people which I certainly include migrants.  Castigate the practices of the unethical landlord and the criminal gangmaster but not those living in overcrowded and sometime squalor, or those labouring in the open through the seasons without a wage slip.  Most people face trials and tribulations in our lives but look to those who hold the power, not those who share the same problems you do.

The greatest achievement the Far Right have made is to persuade people that we should be fighting each other for the few resources available when it is the policy makers who have decided on entitlement, and the practitioners who allocate resources who they deem to be most deserving.  Forever the racists have looked for the scapegoat, a focus for discontent which promotes their interests .  The working poor people are now largely left to sort things out for themselves, it can feel there is active encouragement to isolate, berate, ridicule and hate anyone or group.  Let’s be clear that resources are still allocated by need – it is the criteria and the assessment process which is being screwed down – never has money for you been directly given to someone else.

It has never been true, for example, that migrants are taking homes or jobs of veterans.  It is the Government that should be honouring the covenant, it the politicians who should be shamed to properly support all those who served their nation. It is shameful to seek to make capital out of the cause of veterans at the expense of others.  The migrants, who hold no political power, who have no voice, and receive the least from the welfare state, hold no responsibility for the decisions and actions of politicians.  We deserve a welfare state that supports the needs of all – so let’s fight for that, but don’t let haters divide us.

Please don’t share and promote the views of the racists – read the whole of the statement before you LIKE or SHARE.

Do not allow working people to be divided.  Unity is strength!

It is the Establishment you should feel angry with…not your bloody neighbours.

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