My Change Management toolbox

10 actions which will help bring CHANGE but might also SAVE a project:

  1. Create the vision.  What does your world look like?  What are the tangible goals?
  2. Build your team.  Identify your potential allies but consider their agendas, what compromises might be needed?  Be clear where your limits rest in your negotiations.  Consider the needs of your project, identify the skills and experiences of your team to achieve success.
  3. Be realistic but challenging in your project targets.   People just don’t like change – they need to have a good reason to change and a deadline will help provide motivation and incentive.
  4. Communicate your vision.  At the earliest opportunity, and up to delivery, a global and resourced communication strategy is critical.
  5. Empower stakeholders to act on the vision.  Ensure there is access to a “toolkit” which can be picked up throughout the community.  Everyone should hold one of your objectives perhaps Champions can take ownership to drive forward.
  6. Encourage constructive challenge, look for innovation and creative solutions.  Look out for the “quick wins” this will inspire and motivate, and showcase what success looks like.
  7. Look for new opportunities.  Progress, or indeed problems, may highlight possibilities not planned for.  Important to keep central plans current, do not be distracted in reaching your original goals, but highlight what you have discovered to highlight your dynamism.
  8. Your project provides opportunity and possibly resources for making permanent changes in service delivery elsewhere.  Any aspect of your project, including contract management, might positively impact on performance and behaviour of the widerorganisation, or any aspect of the stakeholder community
  9. Review progress; share success and issues alike. Keep an “open book” to encourage ownership and confidence.
  10. Once project delivered re-visit the other opportunities identified, consider the lessons learnt from the process and the project and ensure these are considered the next time someone has a bright idea!

<Then you should think about returning to Step 1. because no change is permanent if left>



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