UKIP? A bunch of clowns maybe, but It’s no joke.


In May 2013 Wisbech elected 3 UKIP County Councillors.They were elected with a commitment to halt immigration, and often heard “on the door-step” making promises to send migrants home.  Although not within the powers of Council or Councillors this did not diminish their ambition.  Perhaps it was naivety, and considering that one successful Councillor would later claim surprise at having to attend meetings in Cambridge, not unlikely but still an abject failure.

Making no headway with the issue of immigration UKIP Councillors pursued some local matters but singularly failed to prevent Wisbech Post Office closure, to prevent parking on town’s grass verges, and their failure to attend Council meetings has led amongst other things an extended closure of the town bridge for major roadworks.  They have failed to seek views of business and residents in every respect.  They have delivered nothing except to sully the reputation of our town with a series of unwanted headlines.

Wisbech UKIP elected Councillors:
* Mr.Gillick being found guilty by Cambs County Council tribunal of bullying and making inappropriate remarks to children.
* Mr.Lagoda being found guilty at Peterborough Crown Court of benefit fraud of £25,000. In separate matter found guilty by tribunal of using racist language whilst on an official visit.
* Mr.Clapp summoned to Court for failing to pay council tax.

During the past 12 months UKIP have not won any investment for the town, or have failed to provide any sign of a plan or a single proposal for improving our town.  Would you honestly expect any level of government, big business or any organisation to invest in these clowns?  No, me neither.


Wisbech deserves better.


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