1. Bedroom Tax: This Con-Lib policy will affect 660,000 of those on limited incomes claiming Housing Benefits who live in social housing; the average cost to them is £14 extra per week. I will ensure that the Council provides a supportive and responsive approach to appeals and complaints.

2. Foodbanks: It is reported that last year 330,000 people had to visit a foodbank at least once last year. You will probably know that Wisbech is about to open a foodbank. Whilst there is the need for them it is essential that there is public support but we must not allow any level of government to neglect their duties and responsibilities.

3. Children and Young People: I will protect SureStart centres and fight for funding in support of local projects which support our children and young people for play and opportunity.

4. Transport: I have long proposed a Wisbech strategy for cycle routes and improvements to pavements, roads and signage in support of our use and also to support a bid for greater tourism.

5. Jobs: Wisbech should be promoted as a centre of opportunity and dynamism for jobs and learning. This will require infrastructure investment but above all else innovation and determination. Councils need to be imaginative in providing support for start ups including how council tax and rents might be incentivised, and what deals might be brokered for access or improvements to vacant or neglected buildings.

6. Politics: I want to ensure that ALL Wisbech is included in projects and initiatives, there should be no poor neighbourhoods in terms of services, support or opportunities.

7. Rail: I support a rail connection, it is an essential element in the long term future of Wisbech. The major roads also require investment as part of a wider transport and business strategy. Improved transport links are a vital part of attracting jobs and opportunities to Wisbech.

8. Town Centre: I will encourage and support improvements to Wisbech town centre. Renewed effort will be made with all stakeholders to encourage innovation in solutions but also funding too. This may be the last opportunity to keep our High Street – let’s make this work.

9. Living Wage: I will campaign for public bodies and all employers to pay a “living wage”. It is not just fair, it reduces the need for people to claim benefits too. Taxpayers should not subsidise companies who pay low wages.

10. Labour has energy. Labour has ideas. It is time for change.

cc election


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