My response to UKIP

Below is genuine exchange of letters verbatim between myself and UKIP Organiser during 2013 County Council election campaign.


Hi Dean

Handed a copy of your Campaign Leaflet and would like a couple of answers from your priorities please.

You say the past decade is one of neglect & wasted opportunity. But surely, your party was in Power for 7 of those years. You’ve made the mistakes, Comrades Blair & Brown sold the Country out – but you still blame others. How is this so.

!. Your Party, when in Government, opened the door to uncontrolled immigration. Some come here to work, but many are causing unheard of levels of anti – social behavior and, with up to 29 Million Romanians & Bulgarians allowed access to our Country & it’s benefits, How can you integrate our Diverse community?


4. Prioritise the wellbeing of the young & the children.

Q3. How can you, when local authorities, because of your parties policies, have put them all under increased pressure from Immigrants in our Schools, hospitals &
those seeking jobs.

Hey Dean, you have your beliefs. But do the Electorate accept them.
I have invited the Tories & the Lib Dems to join me in the Market Square, Wisbech on Sat 27th April to discuss this in front of the Towns people. Please would you come along as well. Wisbech people are very angry about what is happening in the town. I am sure that they would relish the opportunity to listen to yourself & your parties policies – after all, you started it all.

Could you let me know if your coming. You can pick any subject you like. you tell them your party line – Then I’ll tell them the truth.

Oh, just remind me, is the Labour party song still ‘Keep the red flag flying’ – the same as the communist party song?

Ken Perrin

Organiser NE Cambs UKIP


Dear Ken,

I will try to answer your points in the order they were presented.

I am standing for election for County Council. It is my long-stated view that local authorities have failed Fenland and Wisbech in particular with a lack of ambition, and more importantly lack of economic investment over many years. In particular there has been a failure to invest in public infrastructure, which is key to attracting both jobs and wider economic growth.

I agree that the previous Government did fail in adequate control of immigration – and Ed Milliband recently acknowledged this. I was a School Governor in Norfolk at the start of the migration from Eastern Europe and it was clear that official figures on expected numbers was way below what we could see and experience. But it is clear that our economy requires immigration to function, and that many public services including the NHS, depend on migrant workers. It is also clear that many enterprises and jobs have been created locally by migrants, and that they pay valuable rent and taxes on shops in Wisbech which might otherwise be empty. It should also be clear that some “migrants” have been here for a decade, and have raised families, they are Wisbech.

The 29 million which UKIP keeps referring to is the entire population of Romania and Bulgaria – that UKIP continues to promote this figure is quite ridiculous and we each draw our own conclusions in what you are seeking to achieve by this approach. Whatever the failings of our politicians it should not be the settled migrant families work and live beside us who should pay the price, they have done nothing other than to seek a better life for themselves.

You go on to make statements such as “unheard of levels of anti-social behaviour” and access to “benefits” yet official figures show that Fenland crime continues to fall, that numbers of immigration is falling, and although rules on claiming benefit are already in place the Government has committed to review these further before further EU arrivals. Anyone who breaks the law should be dealt with by the law; anyone who works hard and pays taxes is welcome – these are the views which I get from many voters I speak with and certainly reflects my personal position too.

I have no desire to join your street theatre – thank you for the late invitation. More than happy to participate in proper debate with other candidates and a moderator but it is clear from your note that as you seem to hold “the truth” it is unlikely anyone else would be heard in the market place. What I do not understand – and no doubt you will explain – is what immigration law has to do with a local election and what a UKIP Councillor would do about it? If it is not clear to you, the law is set by Westminster and central government pays for immigration enforcement too.

I am quite certain that the problems of Wisbech are best addressed by economic growth thus providing jobs and improved public services. You seem motivated by despair, I am driven by aspiration.

Dean Reeves

Labour Party candidate for Wisbech North


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