My election address for County Council elections 2013

I am married to Jo; and have three children, all of whom attend local schools.  I have worked in the prison service for over 20 years, and during this time have also served as a school governor and on youth offender panels.  I think it is important for all of us to contribute to the success of our local community, and this is why I stand for election.

Politics is important to me not because of what I might gain personally but because I want to see a fair and successful community.  The Labour Party has always represented working families, and fought for social justice.  In contrast the Conservative and Liberal Democrats have promoted increased taxation, wage freezes, cuts to public spending and benefits to serve the interest of the few.  We can see the effects of want and need in our town, and this is very much not the time to cut further police numbers.

I would like to join the voices of dissent against the Conservative administration, and to reflect what YOU want to say rather than the majority party.  I will work with all who have common aims and objectives, but there must be a stand and challenge where it is necessary.  The past decade has been one of wasted opportunity for Fenland and Wisbech in particular.  Only now have the Tories woken up for the need of a grand plan to put right years of neglect but do you trust them to deliver now?

My priorities for this campaign are:

  1. Visible and public visible efforts being made to integrate the different parts of what is a very diverse community.  We must celebrate our diversity but I do not shy away from the need to challenge wrongdoing. I am clear that this is not about nationality it is about individuals whose behaviour must be addressed.
  2. I am keen to pursue a safe and green transport policy.  Proposal  introduce a 20mph limit on residential roads – with residents majority approval – and support for safe cycle network throughout Wisbech.  I am a long-term advocate for the re-connection to the rail network which will provide a welcome boost to our local economy and increased opportunities for learning and work for young people in particular.
  3. I support Labour’s fight for a living wage for all low paid workers, particularly council employees and those employed by council funded agencies
  4. I support Labour’s push to prioritise the wellbeing of the county’s children and young people
  5. Labour will push for regional economic growth and job creation across the county

Dean Reeves

Labour Party candidate for Wisbech North


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